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J&R Group – Official dealer of Knapen Trailers B.V. and service centre in Latvia!



J & R Group has been successfully delivering and repairing trailers with moving floor, also called Cargo Floor system, for many years. In this commercial vehicle area, we have gained vast experience and a very good reputation in the Latvian market. It is absolutely logical that in this regard, in the Latvian market we are the official dealer and service partner for the leading European trailer manufacturer with Cargo Floor system - Knapen Trailers B.V.. Knapen Trailers B.V. is a Dutch company that has more than 30 years of experience in production of moving-floor trailers, which is continuously investing into innovations. Of course, it is a great pleasure and honour for us to be a reliable partner of Knapen Trailers B.V. in the Latvian market, in order to jointly achieve sustainable satisfaction of all our clients with purchasing new and used trailers, as well as with after-sales service. In the future we will introduce still new innovations provided by Knapen Trailers B.V. to the present and future clients in Latvia.



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