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J&R Grupa is a group of companies comprising various businesses across Europe. J&R Grupa was established in Sigulda, one of the most picturesque Latvian towns. Presently, in Sigulda we have our main office, a sales centre, a warehouse as well as an assembling centre. J&R Grupa is a fast growing company that complies with international quality certificate ISO 9001:2008. Year by year the company has increased its turnover, and now we have clients not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Byelorussia, Serbia and Czech Republic.

We specialize in offering top–quality hydraulic equipment for commercial vehicles and top–quality construction and industrial equipment. Our choice of specialization is not accidental, but is based on thorough market research, understanding development tendencies, knowing our professional skills and planning the future.

We are comfortably established in the Baltic countries and are focusing on increasing our European market share.

We, at J&R Grupa, see ourselves as a global company. We sell, mount, equip and offer various solutions for commercial vehicles, and we also sell, lease and service construction tools and deliver industrial equipment. We feel proud to cooperate with the best companies operating in the commercial transportation, construction and industrial sector, and at the same time we feel responsible for each freight forwarded and for each building and bridge erected. Our motto is: Your partner for commercial vehicles and construction.

J&R Grupa is set to continue development and we invest in new tools and technologies as well as in young, energetic and educated people.

We are optimists that are confidently heading toward the future being responsible for what we have done already.

J&R Grupa – ready for the future!

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